I'm Brian P. Hogan, a web developer, teacher, author, editor, and musician living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I develop web sites like Rails Mentors, and Rendera using HTML5, JQuery, and Ruby.

I am the author of several books, including HTML5 and CSS3, tmux - Productive Mouse-Free Development, and Web Development Recipes and I am always looking for interesting opportunities to help people succeed.

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  • MonthOfMusic Day 26

    Still going strong. Although now that school has started it’s been a little tougher to wedge in the time to get this done. Another EDM track, this time a bit short and faster.

  • MonthOfMusic Day 25

    For today, I did a little more electronic music, using a little 303 melody I wrote last year. It was part of something else that never sounded right, so I used it here instead.

  • MonthOfMusic Day 24

    And here’s song 24. Getting closer to the end! This is a tune I wrote several years ago, and because today was so busy I didn’t have much time to write anything new, so instead I just recorded this piece on the piano. Enjoy.

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Grunt From The Ground Up Testing Client-side Code with Jasmine and CoffeeScript FUD-Free Accessibility for Web Developers - Also, Cake. Responsive Web Design Web Development with CoffeeScript and Sass

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Automate With Grunt HTML5 and CSS3 tmux - Productive Mouse Free Development Web Development Recipes

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