I'm Brian P. Hogan, a web developer, teacher, author, editor, and musician living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I develop web sites like Codecaster, Rails Mentors, and Rendera using HTML5, Elixir, JavaScript, and Ruby. I also coach and mentor aspiring developers.

I am the author of several books, including tmux 2 - Productive Mouse-Free Development, Exercises For Programmers, HTML5 and CSS3, and Web Development Recipes and I am always looking for interesting opportunities to help people succeed.

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If Scratch Isn’t the Answer, I Think I Know What Is

(Originally posted over at Medium) In this post, the author, Dominic Pace, argues that we should teach “actual programming” instead of Scratch. I encourage you to read that first because it makes some great points. It’s written by a high school senior who’s hit upon something important: “Learn to code” tools like Scratch and Alice […]

One Year at DigitalOcean

Today marks one year with DigitalOcean, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so unbelievably lucky to get to do what I do there. I work on the DigitalOcean Tutorials collection, where I help community authors get their articles published. It’s the perfect job for me, as I get to draw from my software development and […]

Settling In at the New Gig

I’m nearly two months into my new job. For those of you that haven’t heard, I am a Technical Editor at DigitalOcean, a fantastic startup based in New York City. I work with a great team of people, and I help open-source enthusiasts share their knowledge through written tutorials. I’m responsible for taking their submitted […]

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Creating and Deploying Static Sites with Hugo Automating the Cloud with Terraform, and Ansible Create Development and Production Environments with Vagrant Docker Realtime Web Apps with Elixir and Phoenix Getting Started Contributing To Open Source Rethink Frontend Development With Elm Grunt From The Ground Up

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