I'm Brian P. Hogan, a software developer, teacher, author, editor, and musician living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I develop web applications like Codecaster using HTML5, Elixir, JavaScript, and Ruby. I also coach and mentor aspiring developers. I am the author of several books, including Small, Sharp Software Tools, tmux 2 - Productive Mouse-Free Development, and Exercises For Programmers. I am always looking for interesting opportunities to help people succeed.

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Creating a Layout with CSS Grid

CSS Grid lets you create web page layouts without resorting to external CSS frameworks. In this tutorial you'll build a layout with CSS Grid and explore how the specification works.

Creating a Navigation Bar with Flexbox

Use Flexbox to build a navigation bar with elements evenly-spaced on large screens, and vertically stacked on small screens, all with minimal HTML and CSS.

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