Mixed Bag

Published January 22, 2003

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Today was a mixed bag. My mom has decided on a plan of attack to treat her lymphoma. We’re looking at 8 to 10 years life expectancy, but it varies. Mom is going to try a new method involving antibodies, which has about a 50 percent success rate. It will allow her to maintain a decent quality of life and hopefully improve the situation. We’re all hoping.

In other bad news, my new kitty is at the animal hospital tonight, being treated for dehydration associated with her upper respiratory infection. Since my daughter is gone, I’m all alone here tonight. That means I have projects to work on.

So, I’m looking at bringing the tutorials back to this site for the time being. I’ve been getting some requests for them from various people, and I also need a place to store Powerpoints and handouts for the workshops I teach.

Let’s do some links!

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