Busy Weekend

Published January 27, 2003

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Well it’s been a busy weekend.

There was a massive attack on the internet today affecting MS-SQL servers. It took out Bank of America, as well as tens of thousands of SQL servers nationwide. It also took out our servers at work, so I spent a good part of today working on making sure our stuff is back up and running by tomorrow morning. I’ll have to go in early to make sure everything is ok.

My cat is back from the animal hospital, still not feelign very good. She is still very congested. I am very displeased with the quality of care the pet hospital provided; my cat came back filthy and stinky, and all they did was force-feed her and give her medicine. I could have done that myself and saved $200.

I spent the day with my parents. They came and watched the superbowl with us. We got bored with the game so we started talkingabout other things. It was a nice visit.

More later…..

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