Published February 11, 2003

Reading time: 1 minutes.

Life is interesting. Work is shaping up to be pretty cool. I have a new project to work on and a new methodology to approach. I’m going to be writing ASP pages that will connect to our mainframe terminal screen programs and allow web users to query data from our mainframe. It’s going to be a lot of fun to create new interfaces for these applications, and I’m very excited to get to do some designing again.

I’m also getting a new computer for my consulting business. It’s a powerhouse, and it’s quite an investment. I’ve got more than half of its cost covered through contracts, and I plan to expand into new areas when I have a machine that can do the processing. As we speak, I am rendering a 3-second animation on my 700mhz machine and it’s going to take over three hours to render 90 frames! Can’t make any money that way.

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