Finished another project!

Published March 4, 2003

Reading time: 1 minutes.

I am putting a website live right now… I’m waiting for the files to upload to the host. I just finished a site for a client and it feels good. I think the design is a bit dated, but it still looks good and the client is very happy. It’s true what they say…. web design isn’t about what makes you happy… it’s about what makes the client happy. I suppose that my designs have a “pattern” to them… but it sells web sites. I make money with my pattern… and I manage to get repeat business… so I can’t complain too much about the staleness.

One thing is for sure… the testing phase really is important. I caught a few problems with some of the administration system for this site and had to make some last-second band-aid fixes. All is good, and the site is live!

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