Wow it's late!

Published April 3, 2003

Reading time: 1 minutes.

I just finished up a nice long night of coding. I’m working on a new version of my web server management tool. When it’s done, users will be able to handle a lot of the awful administrative tasks from one simple interface. Some features include

  • Connect to any web server on your network
  • Create web publishing account with NT permissions, protected folders for data files, and subfolders with scripts enabled
  • Create shares while creating web publishing accounts
  • Set directory access and security, set default documents, and modify other important IIS settings
  • Show a share and permissions
  • Show all shares and associated permissions with XML export
  • Create a master publishers list of usernames
  • Start and stop any web service on your network
  • Tear down any web account, including archiving of files, share deletion, etc
  • Site migration and Site Rebuilding – Capture the site’s permissions and file structure and recreate it

And no fooling, I’ve got about 80% of this done right now. The last two are going to be tough. But it’s way too late right now and I have another long day ahead of me.

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