Being outside is awesome

Published April 14, 2003

Reading time: 1 minutes.

Here I am, outside, nerding it up on my blog while my daughter plays in the
It’s just so cool how technology works!. The weather out today is just
awesome. It’s in the high 80s but it’s really not too bad because of this great
breeze. I have a patio on the north side of my house , so we can sit in the
shade and relax. We bought a sandbox for Ana and she is just loving it. We’ve
been outside for about an hour now and she hasn’t even gotten the slightest
bit bored yet. I like this idea because I can sit out here and spend time with
her and also get some work done. sl

IF my neighbor wasn’t such an old witch, I would bring out my guitar and start
playing out here at night. She gets mad even if I’m outside washing the car
or talking with my dad on the patio. Yesterday when we were outside talking,
she slammed her window shut really hard.

I should have posted this one on St. Patrick’s Day but I haven’t gotten around
to it yet.

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