Blues Jam

Published April 18, 2003

Reading time: 1 minutes.

Thursday night was just awesome. I was at Harlem Ave. Lounge with Neal and it was the open jam night. As we walked in, we noticed that they had keyboards there this time, so I didn’t have to play the guitar. We signed up and ended up being the first ones on.

Man, it was awesome!!! There was seven of us up there… drummer, bass, a local guitar hero named Chico Banks, Neal, a sax player, a harmonica player, and me on the piano. We rocked the house. It just sounded so good. Everybody got their due, which meant that each tune was close to 10 minutes long. We were up there for almost an hour, and let me tell you… standing and playing the keys is tiring after awhile, especially after being in a car all day.

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