Ahhh what a weekend

Published April 28, 2003

Reading time: 1 minutes.

I had a great weekend. Friday night we grilled out with some people from work.

There were burgers, brats, beer, and basketball over at the park. Saturday
was spent doing laundry and such, but I got my Windows 2003 Server cd finally
and I set up a virtual machine using VMWare to test it.

Today, I spent time working on some other web projects until my wife came
home from work. Then my dad stopped over and we grilled out again.

And then it was time for Simpsons, which was just hilarious! That, and
they replayed the 300th episode so I was finally able to tape it.

Yes, it was truly a great weekend, but now I have to get myself ready
for work tomorrow. Another week of programing, problem-solving, and irritations.
And the sad thing is that’s the fun part!

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