A long week

Published May 10, 2003

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I’ve been so busy I haven’t had any time to write at all. I’ve been working
on this program for work, and I’ve been spending my spare time watching Ana
or working on the solution to a problem we have at work. I am very close to
the solution and hopefully everything will work out.

We spent tonight visiting with Carissa’s grandma who was on the way to her
step-grandson’s graduation at UW-Stout. We had a good dinner and talked for
awhile. Carissa made a really good dinner for everyone.

I’m managing to be a total putz lately. I’ve forgotten my cell phone at my
office for three straight days this week, and I’ve been forgetting a lot of
other things too.

  • I don’t know what’s worse… people going on shooting sprees or reporters
    with horrible English skills
    …. probably shooting sprees.
  • Microsoft screws up….again.
    This time it might cost them serious money. However, this is from The Register,
    so you can’t really trust it.
  • Dr. Dre gets spanked
    for copyright violation
    . The
    sad thing is that this guy is getting off easy. He’s got way too much money
    it is
    he puts
    out. Now let’s hope Metallica puts out something that sounds like something

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