Daily Updates Resume!

Published June 19, 2003

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Well, my life is somewhat back in order, and I feel like I can finally put
some more time into this website. Summer makes me lazy, at least in terms of
spending time on the computer. I’ve been outside a lot more, spending time
with family and friends, shooting baskets, doing the karate thing, bike riding,

We’re rolling up on the beginning of summer, which means the days will start
getting shorter again. That’s always hard when you have to put your kid to
bed when it’s still light out.

iTrip is Cool!

Carissa just bought an iTrip for her iPod… it lets you broadcast your iPod
over your car stereo. Damn it works awesome! She’s pretty excited. You can
use these special mp3 files that you play on your iPod to “tune” the transmitter
to a frequency. Once you program the frequency in on the iPod, you just play
your somgs like normal. It worked really well.


We’ve been battling bad guys at work. Several of our servers haven’t been
patched up as well as they should have been and some people compromised our
systems. They put up some FTPs and some DoS software which is just a pain to
get rid of. We had meetings all day regarding internal problems in which communication
and responsibilites need to be worked on.


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