Published July 22, 2003

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Another Week Begins…. but soon…. vacation!

Oh man I’m ready. I’m SOOO ready. I’ve been at the U going on my third year now without a vacation. I’m thankful for my job, but I am ready to just get the hell out of there for a few days and just relax. Relaxation will have to wait a few days as I have to go to my cousin’s wedding this weekend, and then to Fon Du Lac for a conference on Monday and Tuesday, but then… I’ll be “all up ons” my vacation days. It’s gonna be sweet. I think I’ll sit outside in my daughter’s kiddie pool and drink margueritas all week. Maybe I’ll even put the pool next to the sandbox… you know, like, for a beach?

I might update this website a few times over the weekend if I can get access to a computer with Internet access. We’ll have to see about that one.

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