Happy BIrthday To Me

Published October 6, 2003

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Thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate my 26th birthday with me.
I hope everyone had a good time. If you missed it, we had burgers, salads,
and other assorted goodies.. and I even had the Packer game on so nobody
had to miss it.

The weekend was a lot of fun. My friend Mark came up on Friday night and
we went out to get some dinner. We spent Saturday goofing around the house
watching Family Guy. That night, Corey and Sherri came over and we went out
with Josh, Erich, Megan, and John to dinner. We came back the house, had
some drinks, played some games, and called it an early night because we’re
all old and married (or about to be). Josh went downtown and saw that Mark
was pretty well lit up.

Mark, and Sherri enjoyed the Packer game this afternoon.

Today, we had a rather large party at my place. Carissa’s aunt and uncle stopped in from their trip to the Twin Cities for the Diamond Nationals martial arts tournament. My aunt and uncle came over from Mounds View, my parents and grandparents were here, along with Chris, Dan, Erich, Josh, Kristi, Anita, and my step-daughter’s father, grandparents, and aunts. Of course, Ana came home today, which was an extra-special treat for me.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I don’t feel any older, but I do feel less mature.. if that’s possible.

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