Long Week… thank God for Simpsons

Published November 10, 2003

Reading time: 1 minutes.

Wow… what a week. There was so much going on and so little hours to do it in. Work has much going on, including several database projects that seem to involve me in one way or another. I’m also stuck on a web template and I am finding out that there are some bugs in the new Fireworks version.

That, and Ana is home and I want to spend time with her. Kids are great. We have our little spats, but she’s still great.

Family Pictures

We did family pictures at Wal-Mart on Friday night and we ordered a whole ton. Let me know who wants some. We should have quite a few.

Matrix Revolutions

I haven’t seen it yet and I wish people would stop talking about it. The more I hear the more I think it’s going to suck. My friends are telling me it’s great, but that might be compared to Reloaded which was just terrible in my opinion. Hopefully I’ll see it this weekend.

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