So Much To Say

Published March 29, 2004

Reading time: 1 minutes.

Wow. What a day. I spent the weekend working on various projects, so today was a nice break. Ana came home around 1:30 and we sat down to watch some Simpsons and she showed me all the neat little toys she got for an early Easter from her grandma. Then I showed her ArtRage, a really cool free drawing program. She really got a kick out of that.

After that, she played her favorite computer game, and then we went outside so she could ride her bike around. She missed that, and it was nice that there was some warmer weather for a change.

We came in and watched some more Simpsons while we ate supper, and before we knew it, it was time to get her ready for bed. It was a nice day, and I wish I could skip work tomorrow so I could stay home and play some more.

  • Check out Synergy, a neat program that lets you share a keyboard and mouse over IP. Not recommended for use on a public network.
  • ArtRage is a free paint program for Windows XP and Tablet PCs. A stylus and digitizer is recommended, but not required.
  • XPLite lets you remove stuff from Windows XP. This is the link to the free version, but there is a paid version that actually lets you remove Internet Explorer.
  • Change your browser to FireFox if you haven’t already. This is the link to the Windows version. Go to Mozilla.Org for other versions.

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