The Big Shindigg

Published May 17, 2004

Reading time: 1 minutes.

We had the big May Birthday Party this weekend. This year, Carissa and I threw a surprise party for my mom and dad. My aunt Annie and my uncle Bob came up from Illinois, and they brought my grandma with them. It was great to see them all and my dad was quite surprised as well. My other grandma came also, as well as my aunt Mary Kay and my uncle Ben, with whom we always share special occasions. Other guests included Carissa’s mom and Carissa’s “big sister” Claudia, who came up for the weekend, other family friends, and party mainstays Josh and Erich.

There was grilling, catching up, and a good time had by all. If you’ve been invited to one of my parties and you haven’t been yet, well, you just don’t know what you’re missing out on.

See pictures of the May Birthday Party in the photo gallery, or go here to jump right to them!.

Even Chris got to come over today, although I am sure he would have rather come under better circumstances. His laptop died on him and I helped him get it working well enough so he could finish the mound of homework he has to finish up for tomorrow.

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