It’s On

Published March 29, 2005

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White, 1.5 story house with a closed front-porch

We are officially buying a house. Unless something horribly wrong is found during the inspection, we’re all ready to go. The offer was accepted today, and it’s been faxed to our loan officer.

After I was told that it was accepted, I told Ana and she was just thrilled, but then she said “Daddy, I’m going to miss this place.” That’s when it sunk in; the fact that this place that I live in now, the place I’ve called home for almost three years, will no longer be my home anymore.

I’m not a person who deals with change well. I don’t mind learning new things and adapting to new technologies, but I really don’t like my environment to be upset. When I move in, I’ll probably set up my computers the same way, in the same orientation. I’m sure my wife will object to me wanting to do that with the furnature too, so I’ll have to give in a bit.

You can see a video of the house if you’d like. Carissa took this on our last walkthrough.

Post your comments to this one if you want, especially if you feel like helping us move or paint.

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