Happy Birthday to Me

Published October 6, 2005

Reading time: 1 minutes.

I had a pretty good day today. I woke up early to get Ana ready for school. Her school had a special “Walk To School” day where all of the kids walked with their families or other grown-ups. The UWEC Football t eam was there to help out as well which was really cool to see.

After we dropped her off at the school, we went home for a bit and then headed out to run a few errands. We picked up lunch and noticed how cold it was. It had dropped about 10 degrees and really clouded up.

Dad came over in the afternoon and we all went to pick Ana up from the school. We came home and watched a movie together before Dad left to go visit Mom in the hospital.

We went out for hot wings and ice cream and then called it a day. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind. I can’t wait for next weekend.

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