I don’t like to relax

Published March 7, 2006

Reading time: 1 minutes.

I’ve always known this, but it’s really been noticeable lately. I can’t really sit down on the couch and zone out anymore. My brain keeps moving so fast, thinking of the projects I’m working on or music I want to play. I can’t sit still.

Perhaps I’m addicted to work? I’ve got three projects going on right now, and that doesn’t include my day job. That, and I think I’ve decided to write a book. I’d like to get it published but I don’t know if it will get accepted. If it doesn’t then I guess I will publish it myself and take donations. I’ve made a good sum of money from the article I wrote last year.

I want freedom. More than anything, I want the freedom to explore and create. Spending 40 hours a week working for someone else just isn’t rewarding enough. At least I get to do some of the exploratory stuff at work.

It is my mission in life to learn every day. Each day I am constantly reminded of what could happen if I stopped learning. Maybe that’s why I’m driven.

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