HighEdWebDev – Preparation

Published October 19, 2006

Reading time: 1 minutes.

Lillian and I are presenting at HighEdWebDev this year about Ruby on Rails and how developers can use it to be more productive. I’m hoping for a good turnout so I can generate more interest. It’s neat to see how far the community has come in the last year. There are well over 200 unofficial plugins for the framework that people can use. There are tons of new books coming out, and I am seeing developers do some really amazing <a target="_blank href=“http://www.runfatboy.net/">things with it.

I’m excited for the trip but nervous about the flights. I have not flown in a long time and probably wouldn’t be going if it wasn’t for Lillian pushing me to do it. It’ll be fun and I’m glad I’m going. I’m looking forward to meeting some Railers who will be there too!

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