HighEdWebDev – Still Hate Planes

Published October 26, 2006

Reading time: 1 minutes.

We just landed in St. Paul about thirty minutes ago. The flight from Detroit was the longest flight I’ve ever been on. We spent at least twenty minutes in the plane before takeoff and it was getting quite warm. The flight itself was quite uneventful.

I can’t say the same for the landing.

We landed hard and then the pilot slammed on the brakes. Everyone lurched forward in their seats and you could hear the bags in the overhead compartment shift toward the front of the plane. I could hear a loud rubbing noise, as if something was wrong with the brakes. I don’t believe the pilot could stop the plane, because we spent the next twenty minutes just rolling around on the runway, gradually reducing speed until we finally stopped at the gate.

The worst part was that the whole flight crew didn’t even acknowledge that anything happened. There were quite a few upset people on the plane. I was just glad to be on the ground and out of that tiny seat. Tall people are not meant for economy class.

I just hope the last leg of my trip goes well. I’m hoping for a jet instead of a turbo-prop and that’s what I think we have.

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