Remodeling the upstairs bathroom

Published April 4, 2007

Reading time: 1 minutes.

We’ve had issues with the bathrooms in our house since we moved in. The previous owners did a lot of strange things that we are still undoing. The upstairs bathroom had some sort of water problem before we moved in, and the toilet was replaced. Unfortunately they put the toilet on top of the water-damaged floor which, over time, caused the flooring to sink a bit, breaking the seal on the toilet tank. The toilet tank was also too close to the wall, so any time you removed the tank topper to fix something, you’d accidentally shift the tank.

On Saturday I noticed a slow drip coming from behind the toilet, and sure enough, we had another leak. I decided that it was time to just fix the bathroom. The original plan was to just cover the floor (which was of an unknown substance) and then put the fixtures back in. I went to work and left Carissa at home to work with the fabulous handyman.

The project creeped in scope as you can see from the pictures. The plastic tiles were removed from the walls, the floor was scraped out, a new floor went in, and we got a new sink and toilet. This involved scraping off the tar-like substance behind the plastic tiles, remudding the walls, repainting the room, and more. There’s still a few things we’d like to finish up, like upgrading the electrical and lights, but that will wait until I have more money.

Incidentally, if you’re looking for someone to do some remodeling for you, I know a guy who does excellent work.

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