The Downstairs Bathroom Remodel – Part three

Published August 16, 2007

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Today was a packed day. Things went really fast. Jason started out with the mud and drywall, and put the toilet in.


Then we went off to pick up the vanity from Menards, after a brief detour to get new paint, since I goofed and didn’t have enough to finish the room.

The vanity’s upper unit didn’t come with enough pieces or instructions for assembly. Jason didn’t feel comfortable with the way the guys at the store said it went together, so he attached all of the components of the vanity together. Then we hung it on the wall. This whole process took a good chunk of the afternoon, but it looks really nice now.

The sink went in really easy. At the end of day three, this is where we’re at:

At the end of day 3

We’re almost done! Just gotta get the sink hooked up and the rest of the room painted. I have to go to work, so this is probably the end of most of the pictures.

Here are the pictures from day three.

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