The Downstairs Bathroom Remodel – Part two

Published August 16, 2007

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Day two started out late, as Jason ended up with some phone calls to deal with. When he got in, he hit the ground running, getting the subfloor mudded up so the screws wouldn’t show through the linoleum flooring.

Day two - subfloor

The floor went in without a problem.

The rest of the day was spent doing the plumbing for the sink and the tub. Pipes had to be moved around a bit to accomodate the new vanity.

Then came the tub. Wow, was that fun. We had to get a one-piece tub in through the front porch, through the front door, into the dining room, and then finally through two sets of doors into the bathroom. It actually turned out to be easier than we thought.

The big tub

  We ended the day with a working tub and shower, although we didn't start using it because there was no drywall up around the tub yet, and we had to paint.

  Treble approves.

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  <a href=""><br /> See the rest of the pictures from day two</a>.

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