Loose ends

Published January 2, 2008

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This week is about tying up a bunch of loose ends. I’ve got a lot of projects I started that I want to get finished. One of those projects is the graphics book which is shaping up pretty well. I have a new editor who is a really good motivator and a very good eye. We don’t always agree and I have to fight back a lot, but the experience is good for me. I really want to get this book finished so I am going to try to crank out a bunch of stuff over the next few days. That, and I have a simple accounting system I need to finish up, as well as a new web site for a client. One of my long-time clients closed one of his businesses, so we took down his site. It was kinda sad to see it go.

We’re gearing up for the baby shower this weekend. We’re in the last mile, as the baby is due at the end of the month. Carissa’s more than ready now though, and she’s wondering if she’s going to make it that long. In all honesty, she’s doing just fine and we’re all very excited. We’ve been busy over the break clearing out stuff we don’t need and making trips to the mission to donate toys, clothes, and other household items. We just put the Christmas stuff away today and got the house back in order, gearing up for this weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing people this weekend. If you are in town that weekend, let me know. The guys will be off somewhere else playing Rock band or some other mindless video games while the ladies do the shower thing.

It’s also Ana’s birthday this weekend! Whoo Hoo!

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