Staying another day

Published January 26, 2008

Reading time: 1 minutes.

The pediatrician and the nurses want to keep Lisa for one more day. There’s problems with the feedings, similar to what happened with Ana so we’re just gonna get her going with formula.

To make things more interesting, we’re still waiting to hear about the eyes. The pediatrician (nice guy by the way) didn’t get a good look at her eyes, so he wants to get an opinion from an eye doctor. I hoped it would happen today, but being that it’s the weekend, we’re not getting our hopes up.

Her bilirubins levels are elevated, which is an indicator of jaundice. Lisa’s skin is slightly yellow, but barely noticeable. They’re on some additional lab work and we’re trying to feed her as much as we can to get her system flushed out. Apparently I had the same problem when I was born. Ahh, heredity. Fun stuff.

Lisa’s going to stay here tonight, and we’re going to get discharged this afternoon but we are going to stay as guests.

Right now I think it’s diaper-changing time. Yay.

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