Update on Lisa

Published February 13, 2008

Reading time: 1 minutes.

I’ve been putting off writing an update about Lisa’s eyes and legs for some time so I could deal with everything personally. Now that things are finally settling down a bit I’m going to get back to regular updates to the blog.

Lisa has been doing well with her clubfoot treatments. She’s on her third set of casts and things are looking very good. When we were in the hospital, the doctor who takes care of the casts made a big deal about us making sure we never miss an appointment. Well, he’s going to miss her appointment on Thursday so we’ve rescheduled appointments for Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. Some people suck. I won’t mention him by name, but I will if he screws up.

As for her eyes, Lisa has two surgeries, one for each eye. They will remove the cataract during a 45 minute procedure. Once both eyes are done, she’ll be fitted for little baby contact lenses. We’ll learn more about that later. Right now it’s important to get rid of the cataracts. She’s already favoring one eye over the other so time is of the essence.

The surgeries are on the 13th and the 22nd. That means the first one is today, so I need to go and get ready to leave. Take care and stay warm!

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