Long days and short nights

Published August 6, 2008

Reading time: 1 minutes.

I’ve been busy. Many of my side projects have come to an end and I’m not actively looking for more at this moment so I can get the graphics book finished. It’s holding up my life a bit and I want it done. The problem is that you can’t force writing, no matter how much you really want to.

I launched http://www.snippetstash.com/ a few weeks ago. It’s just a simple site that lets programmers store bits of code they tend to use over and over again. When you program for a living or as a hobby, you tend to encounter cool tricks that you’d like to keep track of for later use, and SnippetStash lets you do that. You can also share your code snippeets with the rest of the world if you want to. It was something I threw together over the weekend and I got some decent feedback on it.

Other than that, it’s been book, book, book. Oh, and Call of Duty on XBOX Live every Tuesday night.

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