Published April 23, 2009

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This site’s theme (and some of its content) hasn’t really changed since 2005, and with everything else going on right now I figured it was high-time I change that. I started by ripping off the theme I did for the Web Design For Developers web site. It’s a nice clean template that I hope will be easier for everyone to read. I’ll be making modifications to this over the next few days, but I have to get some of the other pages up too.

I don’t maintain this blog as much as I should, and the reason has been mostly technical. I goofed up something with my home network which prevented me from accessing the blog at home. I’ve worked around that now so I can publish again. My goal is to have some sort of update about once a week so that family can find out what I’m up to.

Sorry, but I’m really not that into making phone calls.

I am extremely active on Twitter though, so please follow me.

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