MonthOfMusic Day 23

August 23, 2014 at 2:49 am in Music

While working on the mix of Song 22, which took far longer than it should, I came up with a different melody and 45 minutes later, I had this. I’m ridiculously happy with this one. This one will eventually end up on Stutter

It just goes to show that by doing this every day, I’m ready when the muse shows up.

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  1. Nice! Could be the soundtrack for Cutthroat Kitchen when they are deciding the winners….drama is in there. Every time I hear the speaker ‘resonance’ in the low range, I want to turn down the volume though (habit). I taught deaf kids don’t cha know. Is that intentional? This is more upbeat and not as dark as earlier ‘cuts.’ Have you ever done reverb? Wondering what you’d do with that.

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