Red Zone and Hack to the 80s Released

Published April 23, 2020

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My EPs “Red Zone” and “Hack to the 80s” are available on Spotify, Apple, and Google Music. I’ve had them available on SoundCloud before, but I wanted to get them out to a bigger audience.

Red Zone

This is my 2019 EP which has been available on SoundCloud for a while, but this official release includes an additional song called “Where You Go”, a synthwave tune recorded in May 2019.

Also available on:

Hack to the 80s

This is an EP of 80s-inspired synthwave music I recorded in support of Hacktoberfest, a community event my workplace sponsors. The 2019 theme was inspired by the 1980s, so I recorded a set of songs to go along with the theme.

Also available on:

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