PragProg 2020 Book Sale

Published November 24, 2020

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This week is having their 40% off ebook sale. Use code turkeysale2020 to get your discount at checkout. This post will be all about some books you should buy for yourself or that nerd in your life.

First, let’s get the shameless plugs out of the way. This year I wrote a book on making static web sites with Hugo which gets rave reviews. Build Websites With Hugo.

I have a great book on using command line tools on mac, Linux, and WSL called Small, Sharp Software Tools.

And you can get a copy of Exercises for Programmers to get some practice ideas while you learn that new language you’re thinking about.

Now on to other books I recommend. Want to build Android apps with Kotlin? Look no further than Kotlin and Android Development featuring Jetpack.

Want to fill in those data structure and algorithm gaps in your self-taught knowledge? A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition is FANTASTIC!

If you’re still doing Rails (and why wouldn’t you? It’s amazing!), you need this book from @noelrap called Modern Front-End Development for Rails.

Go is the perfect language for building cross-platform CLI tools, and Powerful Command-Line Applications in Go will show you how to do it right.

If you’ve never managed people before, Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager will help you on your journey. It’s a good read!

Elixir and Phoenix are untouchable if you have to build a high performing real-time web app. And Programming Phoenix 1.4 is the guide to doing that.

Been a long time since you’ve done JavaScript? Simplifying JavaScript will help you learn those new features you’ll want to leverage.

An older book, but one I highly recommend if you use SQL in any way: Learn how to avoid common SQL pitfalls in SQL Antipatterns.

You’ve heard you should be involved in open source software, but you don’t know how. [Forge Your Future with Open Source](] has you covered!

Finally, learning how to learn is important to growing your skillset, and Pragmatic Thinking and Learning is a wonderful guide.

Get all the ebooks I mentioned in this post (and many more) for 40% off with the coupon turkeysale2020 at this week. And tell me what you’re gonna learn!

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