Being A Good Critical Friend Published January 25, 2015

I’ve been around software development a long time, and a reoccurring theme is to see this kind of feedback from peers:

MonthOfMusic Day 31 Published August 31, 2014

This is it.. the last #MonthOfMusic song. (To listen to the whole month, check out For the finale, I chose to finally record a song I wrote a long time ago for my wife, Carissa. Here it is. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening.

MonthOfMusic Day 30 Published August 31, 2014

Just a little piano piece I wrote a long time ago. I figured it was time to record it.

MonthOfMusic Day 29 Published August 29, 2014

I really haven’t done any hard rock, and seeing as how I grew up listening to straight-ahead rock of the 80s, I figured I’d better sneak one into the MonthOfMusic. Gotta pay tribute to some of my influences. So here’s number 29.

MonthOfMusic Day 28 Published August 29, 2014

For day 28, I went back to the guitar and just kinda jammed. I felt like doing some tunes like I did in college, and I am pretty happy with what I ended up with.

MonthOfMusic Day 27 Published August 28, 2014

We’re in the home stretch here. I did another electronic rock tune. This song’s melody was originally written after I finished the RPM Challenge in 2011. I pulled out the original track today and scrapped a lot of what was there and finished it up. I think it could use a little more work on the mix, and it ends a little too abruptly, but again, I’m limiting the amount of time I spend per day on these tunes.

MonthOfMusic Day 26 Published August 26, 2014

Still going strong. Although now that school has started it’s been a little tougher to wedge in the time to get this done. Another EDM track, this time a bit short and faster.

MonthOfMusic Day 25 Published August 26, 2014

For today, I did a little more electronic music, using a little 303 melody I wrote last year. It was part of something else that never sounded right, so I used it here instead.

MonthOfMusic Day 24 Published August 25, 2014

And here’s song 24. Getting closer to the end! This is a tune I wrote several years ago, and because today was so busy I didn’t have much time to write anything new, so instead I just recorded this piece on the piano. Enjoy.