Favorite Simpsons Quotes

Published February 14, 2003

In honor of the 300th episode of The Simpsons on Sunday I present to you my top ten favorite quotes and episodes.


Published February 11, 2003

Life is interesting. Work is shaping up to be pretty cool. I have a new project to work on and a new methodology to approach. I’m going to be writing ASP pages that will connect to our mainframe terminal screen programs and allow web users to query data from our mainframe. It’s going to be a lot of fun to create new interfaces for these applications, and I’m very excited to get to do some designing again.

Lazy weekend

Published February 10, 2003

What a weekend. I spent the whole weekend with my wife and daughter. My wife got sick on Saturday so she came home from work. We all sat around all day and watched TV. I took my daughter out in the snow and we had a snow fight. She wanted to stay out longer, but she was complaining that her face hurt so we went in. Sure enough, she was all red-in-the-face from the wind, even though she was bundled up prety good.

dada press release from their management!!!

Published February 3, 2003

Former MCA recording artist, DADA– is Back!!! All original members, Joie Calio, Michael Gurley and Phil Leavitt have rejoined forces and are currently gearing up for a 45-city US tour. An independently released “LIVE” CD will taken from this tour and be released in Fall 2003. Tour dates and cities are being added regularly. You can go to www.pollstar.com for tour itinerary.

Lazy Weekend

Published February 3, 2003

Well I spent most of the weekend doing nothing except laying on the couch. I put in a long night on Friday and spent most of Saturday watching MSNBC. It snowed here finally. I shovelled the driveway for the first time all “winter”. It was actually nice to be outside in the snow… everything looks so peaceful out here where I live… I’ve never seen it here with snow. I think I’ll take Ana outside tomorrow and build snowmen.

Columbia Shuttle

Published February 1, 2003

Unreal. Columbia shuttle breaks up over Texas


Published February 1, 2003

Damn it’s late. I did it though…. I made the deadline. My consulting site is finished! It’s live, and it looks like everything worked. I’m pretty happy with it, but it was a lot of work. Now I need to start looking for more contracts, because the current projects I have are all wrapping up. Life at work is interesting…. apparently there is a trojan horse associated with the SQL Slammer worm.

What a week

Published January 30, 2003

Ahh what a week. I’ve been busy with other projects, and I got to see my friend Neal last night. He drove up from Chicago and hung out with us. It was nice to catch up.

Busy Weekend

Published January 27, 2003

Well it’s been a busy weekend.

There was a massive attack on the internet today affecting MS-SQL servers. It took out Bank of America, as well as tens of thousands of SQL servers nationwide. It also took out our servers at work, so I spent a good part of today working on making sure our stuff is back up and running by tomorrow morning. I’ll have to go in early to make sure everything is ok.

Mixed Bag

Published January 22, 2003

Today was a mixed bag. My mom has decided on a plan of attack to treat her lymphoma. We’re looking at 8 to 10 years life expectancy, but it varies. Mom is going to try a new method involving antibodies, which has about a 50 percent success rate. It will allow her to maintain a decent quality of life and hopefully improve the situation. We’re all hoping.