Meet Elixir

Presented by Brian Hogan

Elixir is a functional programming language based on the Erlang virtual machine, and it'll make you start thinking about programming in a completely new way. In this session we'll explore the core concepts of Elixir while writing some beginner-level programs. We'll explore Elixir's powerful pattern matching syntax and other features as we write programs free of loops, mutable variables, and "IF/ELSE" statements. Best of all, this talk has no slides and is 100% live-coded, so if you want, you can bring your laptop and follow along.

Elixir mixes powerful language features with friendly syntax and the proven power of the Erlang ecosystem. If you're a new to programming, you'll love this talk. And if you're an experienced developer, learn how Elixir's approach to programming can help you solve those tough problems. Either way, it'll be a blast!

Presentation Notes

This presentation didn't have any slides - it was all live-coded. But you can see my presenter notes as a PDF.



If you want to just look through the finished code, you can find it on Github.

Code on Github